Davide Baldo

Davide Baldo is the Global R&D Lead for Experimental Research in the Ipsos Global Science Organization.

With 10 years of experience in neuromarketing and neuroscience, Davide was formerly the CTO & Co-Founder of The Neuromarketing Labs, where he co-led the development of algorithms using brain scan data to understand what customers unconsciously like and desire in advertising and pricing. He is an engineer by background, specializing in the application of advanced EEG and biometric signal processing and behavioral economics to the development and application of nonconscious measurement tools. His expertise and focus is on applications using implicit responses to uncover insights about customer’s emotions, preferences, and decision-making process. Davide is author of scientific publications such as: “Brain Waves Predict Success of New Fashion Products: A Practical Application for the Footwear Retailing Industry” a scientific paper presenting a novel method which uses EEG brain scans to predict success of newly developed products. He is also co-author of “Willingness to Pay Lip Service? Applying a Neuroscience-Based Method to WTP for Green Electricity Energy Policy” in which EEG brain scans were implemented to investigate willingness-to-pay for renewable energy, and a chapter about using EEG for pricing research in the “Consumer Neuroscience” book by Moran Cerf and Manuel Garcia-Garcia, MIT press, 2017.